Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Feb 26, '10

Under this indistinguishable mound of snow, under a thick blanket of leaves and 6 inches into the soil,  lie 30 bulbs; 20 tulip, 10 daffodil.  I like to think of them sleeping there through all kinds of terrible cold and snow.  I like to think of them waking soon and can hardly wait to see signs that they're growing,  I'm most hopeful that there will be many blossoms.

 View to the West....

Today is characterized by Gray.  The store, which can't be seen from here,  is at the end of this street and then across the street that intersects this street.  Much of the sidewalk hasn't been cleared; I imagine that this is the snow that occurred during the night, as it wasn't deep.

Here's a puddle reflecting the sky.  Not a very colorful day.  But at least it's running water and not ice....


A dull puddle in a dark place.

View to the east

Steps to follow...

Various stages of snowmelt...

Shining Path

Puddle and Hedge

Grate and Reflection

Yesterday's Snowman