Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Walk to the Store, Aug 15, ‘10

I haven’t taken a walk to the store since my last walk in early Spring -- 3 1/2 months, approximately,  until today,  the middle of August.  So, I’ve missed quite a few changes up and down the street.  I haven’t been walking to the store because I’ve joined a gym and get my exercise there.  I get more exercise for my body at the gym but not much to excite my mind and eyes as the walk to the store.  

As I walked and photographed I took note of how wonderfully effective the working out at the gym has been for me these past few months.  My knee and hip are much stronger and there’s barely any pain.  Walking is easier, less fatigue,  without the sense that my shin is on fire.  I’m able to bend down or kneel to take a shot, able to move much more fluidly than I have been.  I’m glad that I’m putting in the time at the gym and that it’s working so well for me.

The weather today is gray and overcast.  It’s been quite dry lately so some rain would be welcome, but so far, no rain, even with the dark skies.  The temp is 75 degrees and humidity is low, so comfortable.

It’s always interesting to me to see the photos that come out of my camera after a walk to the store.    The color of the light today is interesting and certain things stood out to me as a result.  The texture and color of flowers and leaves and Queen Anne’s Lace are the high points for me.  

I started with a few shots of my gardening effort this past summer.  Tending a garden has been a pleasure for me this summer.  I’ve grown mostly flowers but planted 7 tomato plants, basil and a few other herbs.  I ended my walk with a few shots of my house and the placement of symbols that tell me I’m Home.  Between Beginning and End, things on the street today that caught my eye, perked my interest.

The Queen, the beautiful house across the street I call Queen of the Street.  With the light today, even the shining white Queen seems gray.


Almost every yard has some kind of flowers, trees, hedges or bushes.

This yard is very neat.


Two Friendly Dogs.

Dog Fence


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